Mega Masterly Drupal Training


    This training covers many different aspects of Drupal from zero to the masterly level. Many elements of Drupal's day to day task are part of this training enabling audience to build and maintain full fledged Drupal Websites. 

    Information Technology University Lahore, in collaboration with Drupak(PVT.)Ltd will be hosting this training. Registered students should deposit their fee at ITU for their seats to be reserved.

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There are no pre-requisites as such but basic knowledge of HTML & CSS will be a big plus. For Drupal module development days, PHP will be a must.


  • For Students wanting to start a career in Drupal
  • Webmasters of Universities and other organizations willing to empower their websites with Drupal
  • Company Owners and business personnel willing to maintain websites of their companies.
  • Freelancers to make a shift to Drupal Freelancing also.



  • Introduction to Drupal 
  • Installing Drupal 
  • Understanding Content in Drupal 
  • Creating and Managing Content 
  • Creating Different types of content with Custom Content types 
  • Categorizing content with Taxonomy 
  • Understanding Blocks in Drupal 
  • Menu Management
  • User Management and Permissions
  • Creating Blogs in Drupal
  • Creating Forums in Drupal


  • Drupal's Magical Views Module
  • Understanding Views interface
  • Creating lists of data with views
  • Creating a slideshow with views Slideshow module
  • Styling views and views slideshow
  • Paragraph Module in Drupal
  • Understanding Drupal's Panels Module
  • Creating a custom frontpage with Panels module
  • Panelizer Module Ÿ Display Suite module
  • Understanding Drupal's Context module
  • Understanding Drupal's Rules module
  • Drupal's Webform Module for Surveys
  • Drupal's Quicktabs Module


Theme Development

  • Introduction to theming basics
  • Preparing a site for theming
  • Enabling themes and theme settings
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Translating a design into a Drupal theme
  • Creating the info file and adding CSS
  • Customizing the page template
  • Adding regions to the page template
  • Customizing the node template
  • Creating dynamic templates for specific node
  • Using the theme development module


  • Adding JavaScript to a theme
  • Tour of popular Page Template variables
  • Adding a screenshot to your theme
  • Creating Drupal Content and views to be used
  • Conclusion to theming basics
  • Introduction to Advanced Theming in Drupal
  • Altering output generated by Drupal



Building Shopping Carts in Drupal

  • Installing Drupal Commerce
  • Products & Product Variations
  • Pricing Rules and Discounts
  • Creating Different types of Products
  • Shopping Cart Ÿ Customizing Product Displays.
  • Checkout Process
  • Power of Rules in Drupal Commerce

DAYS 6 7

CASE STUDY Creating a University Website in Drupal

  • Understanding and Analyzing Requirements
  • Choosing a theme for the website
  • Creating the Data structure (Content Types, Taxonomy etc)
  • Creating Content Ÿ Creating Views of content
  • Styling Views Creating and styling a front page slideshow via Views Slideshow module
  • Creating users to control site content
  • Creating a Teacher's blog
  • Creating a student's forum
  • Creating a sub website for every department of the university
  • Creating an online admissions section
  • Creating an online recruitment section on the university website
  • Putting it all together Ÿ Launching the website


Drupal Module Development

  • Build a .info and .module files to set up your module.
  • What is Drupal hook and uses.
  • Write hook_menu and hook_permissions functions
  • Set up an admin settings form and use hook_form_alter
  • Create database tables using hook_schema and .install files
  • Write database queries and Introduction to Entity API Drupal Module Development
  • Create a custom block via your module
  • Theme the block and write CSS to style it
  • Use t function and other sanitization functions to secure your module
  • Use and create custom Drupal variables
  • Explore the research functions in the Drupal API- Creating a full fledged Custom module