In this course, you will get these benefits:

    • Learn professional website tools and best practices.
    • Build a fully functional HTML design
    • Style web pages using CSS
    • Build a mobile-friendly responsive website in a Bootstrap
    • Using JavaScript to create, interactive elements for web pages
    • Increase jQuery and jQuery UI skills
    • In-depth working experience on Basic & Advanced MySQL
    • Basic & Advanced Operations using PHP, practical projects with PHP
    • A complete step-by-step website creation guidance
    • Work as a freelance web developer
    • Become a Full-Stack Back-End Developer

    And lots more...

    How could it be instructed?

    This course comprises of 2 months, 3 classes in seven days, each class is around 2.5 hrs long. This course will cover every one of the subjects recorded underneath.
    Toward the finish of each course, you will be given a task to rehearse what you have realized.

    The classes will be conducted both live and online using google meet. Those who can access the Physical class shall be trained on-site while the others will be catch-up on google meet or Zoom. As stated, Drupak always has a soft corner for its followers and web development lovers, so it is a great opportunity to learn Online with Drupak. In addition to this course, you will approach an online gathering to examine tasks with different understudies and pose inquiries from the teacher.

    Course Curriculum

    • Basic Structure of a Web Page
    • HTML Head Tags
    • HTML Body Tag
    • HTML Paragraph
    • HTML Line Breaks
    • HTML Header Tags
    • HTML Inline Text Formatting
    • HTML Unordered Lists
    • HTML Ordered Lists
    • HTML Image Insertion
    • HTML Embedding Videos
    • HTML Anchor Tags
    • HTML Introduction to Forms
    • HTML Form Tags and Attributes
    • HTML Forms - Post vs Get
    • HTML Forms - Input Text Fields
    • HTML Forms - Select List
    • HTML Forms - Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
    • HTML Forms - Text Areas and Buttons
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Nested Tables
    • HTML Merging Cells
    • HTML Text Wrapping
    • QUIZ
    • XD to HTML Design
    • CSS Introduction
    • Different ways you can apply CSS to HTML
    • Selectors
    • Properties and Values
    • Box Model
    • Margins and Padding
    • Background Image
    • Elements Border
    • Colors
    • Text (size, font-family)
    • CSS Positioning
    • Transitions & Animations
    • CSS Pseudo Classes
    • Media Queries
    • CSS Tricks & Tips
    • QUIZ
    • What is Bootstrap?
    • How to install Bootstrap?
    • Grid System
    • Navigation Bar
    • Color & Tables
    • Buttons
    • Group Button
    • Jumbotron
    • Container / Container Fluid
    • List Group
    • Modal
    • Forms
    • Cards
    • Collapse
    • Carousel
    • Bootstrap utilities
    • Bootstrap tooltip
    • QUIZ
    • Introduction to javascript Alerts
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Working with data
    • Handling events
    • String Concatenation
    • Introduction to javascript Alerts
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Working with data
    • Handling events
    • String Concatenation
    • Mysql Introduction
    • Understanding the structure of a database
    • Normalization and denormalization
    • Defining Relationships
    • Creating Databases
    • Creating Tables
    • CRUD Queries
    • Joining Tables
    • Import / Export data
    • Phpmyadmin
    • QUIZ
    • Getting Started with PHP
    • PHP Variables
    • Introduction to Functions in PHP
    • PHP Built-in Functions
    • Introduction to PHP Arrays
    • HTML Form Handling in PHP
    • Conditionals and Logic in PHP
    • PHP Functions
    • Types of Arrays
    • PHP Isset
    • Working with Forms - Post vs. Get
    • PHP Server Side - Form Validation
    • QUIZ


  • Course Level



Career Counseling

In collaboration with Business Transformer, at the end of the training, you’ll get free career counseling and coaching which will able the trainers to market their gained or improved skills by utilizing the enhanced capabilities at different online platforms. Drupak always surprises its followers and trainers, and for the first, BT will offer its paid courses and training for FREE.

A career training, you’ll be teaching the following:

  • Social media handlings
  • Deep dive into different online platforms
  • Appealing Profile building
  • Winning proposal writing
  • CVs building

Payment Method

For Peshawar visit our office, Outside Peshawar, contact on the following phone number.

0313 9760741