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18 December 2020

We are inviting University Students and CS Graduates for our full-fledged Drupal/Frontend Internships.
There will be a basic test conducted to judge students having knowledge of HTML/CSS, basic Javascript, and PHP.
The successful candidates will be given full-fledged Drupal Training from basic Site Building to Advanced Module Development. 
The frontend guys will be trained in modern frontend libraries/technologies and their integration with Drupal.
This is a lifetime opportunity that is absolutely free to avail of. All training will be provided via Screen sharing tools. The progress of the students will be closely monitored by our experienced Drupal Engineers.

These internships are open for candidates across Pakistan and globally as well(Conditions apply). The conditions will be discussed with candidates via email correspondence.

The last date to apply for Internships is 20th October 2020. Send your CVS via

S M Azmat Shah
CEO Drupak

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